The Art & Science of Emotion. World leaders in measuring emotions in the wild, our empathic tech platform helps you enhance experiences & humanise technology.

Inside Sensum

Shaping a creative and trusting digital world, through the power of emotion AI

We are steadfast in our duty of care to the end user – in terms of their privacy, rights, and the transparency of our processes.

We at Sensum are fascinated by human beings; how we behave, interact and communicate with one another. As experts in the fields of emotion, biometrics, analytics and mobile technologies we must use our skills to gain and share a better understanding of what makes us all tick.

We are pioneers in this space and are passionate about moving it forward in a socially responsible way.

Art, Science & Society

These are the three main realms of our world.

Art: Sensum started life as a transmedia production company, and we continue to exercise our production and storytelling chops in everything we do. Emotions are narrative by nature, they are stories we tell about a complex combination of physiological and contextual factors. We are constantly cultivating our ability to illustrate emotions in ways that people can understand intuitively, while staying true to the underlying technicalities and nuances of what it means to be an emotional being.

Science: Everything starts with the science. We place massive value on taking a rigorous, technical approach to our work. In partnership with respected institutions including Queen’s University Belfast, we conduct our own fundamental science, using validated and approved experimental designs, developing our own theories, processes and tools, and publishing our research when possible. Emotions science in particular is a rapidly evolving field, with many of its long-standing theories now being replaced with new ways of thinking. We collaborate closely with the scientific community to base our products on academic best-practice.

Society: It is our duty to ensure that everything we do is for the benefit of planet and people. The tools we work with, such as biometric sensors and emotional data analytics, require an intimate and trusting relationship with our users, customers and clients. We always aim to put the user first and, wherever possible, empower them with ownership and information. We also believe we have a responsibility to pioneer the ethics and structure of the new world of empathic technology in which we operate.

Gawain Morrison

‘It’s all about emotional storytelling. If you can understand the ebb and flow, then measure and respond to those reactions, it makes for much deeper emotional engagement’.

Gawain Morrison CEO & Co-founder

Our Backstory

In 2010 we were a production company exploring deeper levels of immersion and higher levels of engagement, bridging transmedia with experiential cinema through biometrics and mobile technologies. In 2011 we created the world’s first emotional response horror film, ‘Unsound,’ which premiered at South by Southwest. We measured the biometric signals of the viewers to provide a unique experience to each audience’s emotional response.

Unsound was a groundbreaking production that gained the attention of the likes of Disney, Coca-Cola and New Scientist. But it was ahead of its time, as wearable tech and the internet of things were only just starting to appear on the scene.

With so much interest in the technology we had developed for Unsound, we turned Sensum into a software company, inferring emotional response from physiological data, and developing creative ways to share the results. Initially we focused on ad and media testing, which then spread to customer retail, ethnographic studies and augmented focus groups. We designed and executed world-first initiatives for some of the biggest brands and agencies in the world, including Unilever, Jaguar, Red Bull, Mindshare and Ipsos MORI.

To get out of the lab and measure human behaviour & mood in the most authentic settings possible, we developed our software solutions to be mobile and robust. Over time, we accepted various challenges to deploy our solutions in increasingly complex and extreme environments. Sensum tech has measured emotions everywhere from volcanoes to the Arctic Circle, from 4,000m in the air to 15,000 people simultaneously. We now consider ourselves world leaders at measuring emotions ‘in the wild’.

In 2017 we undertook a big drive to consolidate the products, services and processes we had pioneered since starting out. This led to creating a full suite of products for interfacing with our market-leading emotion AI processing engines. At the same time, we developed a strong focus on solutions for the mobility sector, exploring the future of travel & transportation through empathic human-machine interaction, as enter the age of autonomous & connected technology.

Sensum Founders

Gawain Morrison

Gawain Morrison

Chief Executive Officer
& Co-founder

Shane McCourt

Shane McCourt

Chief Financial Officer
& Co-Founder