Emotion AI Toolkit ~ API, SDKs & User Experiences

Personalise Your World to Enhance User Experience

The future of enhanced media experiences. Synchronise data and media on the move to produce bio-emotional HD, 360 and VR content.

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World-first bio-emotional VR experience. Feel what it’s like to be inside the head of a downhill mountain biker as they traverse the famous Red Bull Foxhunt trails in Ireland.

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Emotion AI Toolkit ~ API & SDKs

Measure and respond to your audience’s emotions in real time. Build new immersive
products, experiences, services, apps

Connect to Emotion AI

Now anyone can build products & services that respond to emotional events in real time. Access Sensum's emotion AI technology via our programming interface, or build it into Android & iOS apps with our software development kits.


1. Measure & Sync

The SDK (Android / iOS) makes it easy to synchronously stream and tag biometric & contextual data from different sources such as wearable devices, smartphones and watches.


2. Process

Cleanse, match and align multiple data streams. Our emotion AI system then uses algorithmic processing and machine learning to tag key events and measure the emotions in the data, such as excitement/relaxation, engagement, and positivity.


3. Trigger

Trigger key biometric and contextual events such as resting, excitement, relaxation, engagement, location, speed, acceleration and more. Build logic that responds to a user's emotion and situation.


4. Understand

Get real-time insights into your customers. Build your own dashboard, app or digital experience. Create bespoke visualisations, provide sonification or haptic feedback.

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Our Partners

Sensum is a world leader in Emotion AI. We’ve worked with Unilever, Jaguar, Red Bull and many others. We provide real-time bio-emotional insights to improve products, content and experiences.

If you can elicit a positive emotional reaction from someone then they are more likely to want to form a bond with you.

Dr Gary McKeown School of Psychology

Delivery of a seamless web experience is key no matter the platform, device or content that a user interacts with, and that is central to what akamai offers. Sensum’s emotional research provided insights to what happens if this isn’t the case.

John Dillon Former VP of Marketing

Understanding the emotional quotient (eq) of our communications is essential to our continuing excellence, and using Sensum has assisted in deriving valuable insights to emotional triggers that can drive this success.

Sara Davies Head of Communications

Sensum helped us ask questions about how shoppers were feeling about their experiences in retailers, without asking them directly; this enabled us to identify and understand issues and opportunities that would otherwise have remained hidden.

Darren Savage Chief Strategy Officer
Bertha: Sensum Emotions machine

Meet Bertha

When you connect to the Sensum API you are connecting to Bertha, our Emotion AI system. Bertha does all the hard work so you don’t have to, processing your data streams and returning emotional labels to build your own logic.

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