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A multimodal approach to interpret emotion features

At Sensum we collect biometric data like heart rate, skin conductance, facial expression and voice analysis, along with many other physiological and contextual data sources.

Heart Rate

Heart rate (the beating speed of the heart) can be an indicator of various physiological reactions, such as attention, arousal, and cognitive or physical effort. It’s also a good predictor of recall.


Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) or EDA (Electrodermal Activity) is the measurement of the microscopic sweat level changes in your hands, shoulder or the base of the foot. As you engage with any stimuli, your sweat levels are changing as you increase or decrease your engagement.

Facial Coding

Facial Action Coding is the classification and characterisation of observed facial expressions (and ideally, intention) based on a visual input stream such as photographs or video.

Audio Analysis

Our voice is one of the first reactors to any situation and understanding these sudden spurs of sound can provide an emotional response of that person.

Breathing Rate

Respiration is primarily regulated for metabolic and homeostatic purposes in the brainstem. However, breathing can also change in response to changes in emotions, such as sadness, happiness, anxiety or fear.

Skin Temperature

Skin temperature is a peripheral physiological change which can increase and decrease depending on individual’s physical or psychological states, this means it can change with the emotion felt.

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