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Empathic technology for the connected world

Unified emotion AI powered by our Synsis engine

Sync With Ease

Avoid the pain of manually syncing all your data streams. Our patent-pending tools do it for you automatically.

Multimodal Sensor Fusion

Don’t rely on a single data input, plug a wide range of data & media into our universal processor for a clearer picture of the user.

Emotion AI

Why trust basic emotion scores from disconnected data sources? Unify your data & media with our powerful AI engine.

End-to-end Solutions

Emotional Insights Web Dash

Mobile Research Kit*

Measure and process multimodal face, voice & biometric data for emotion insights in the wild

*Includes emSync Android app, biometric wearables, 2 x GoPro cameras, microphone and access to your emotional insights through emSight.

The Future is Emotional

Empathy is the next big step in human-machine interaction. By training our technology to understand us and the world we live in at an emotional level, it can enrich our lives in deeper, more human ways than ever before.

Breaking new scientific ground with our academic partners, built on 20 years of leadership in the psychology of emotion.