with empathic AI: real-time human state analysis powered by our Synsis™ engine.

Automate Human Understanding

Enhance your products & services with algorithms that measure the current state of the human using them. With Synsis™ empathic AI embedded in your tech, it can be trained to understand your users and respond appropriately.

We believe it’s not enough to make technology smart. Our machines need emotional intelligence to interact with us in more natural ways.

More About Synsis

Our relationship with machines gets smarter when they understand how we feel.

Sensor Fusion, Solved

Work with the widest range of sensors and data types on the market. Stitch it all together our with patent-pending solutions for data sync, cleansing and tagging.

Enhanced Human Interaction

Plug human data analysis into your technology so it can react empathically to the user’s feelings. Make every product experience more engaging, responsive, relevant… more human.

You’re In Good Company

Experts in Human Data

Since 2011, through a string of world-firsts with global brands, our tools have measured human states in...

  • 20 countries, from the Greenland ice sheet to a Pacific Rim volcano.
  • Online, in shops, in homes, in the wild.
  • From 1 to 15,000 people simultaneously.
  • At 4,000 m, at 300 km/h.
  • In cars, planes, trains, boats, bicycles, motorbikes, parachutes, zip-lines... even a jetpack.

Our Empathic AI in Action

Mobility ad smart cities

Mobility & Smart Cities

Measuring occupant stress, fatigue, etc. to build human-responsive transport & infrastructure.

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Computing and Electronics

Affective Computing & Electronics

Empathic AI for more effective human-machine interaction.

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Media and Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Measure audience & player emotions for more engaging games, productions, experiences, etc.

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Performance and Wellbeing

Performance & Wellbeing

Optimising human performance, emotional and physiological wellbeing.

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Queens University

Founded on 20 Years of Psychology Leadership

Our academic family includes full-time Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with the world-class School of Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast.


Two Patents Pending

Tackling technical challenges every day, we have patents pending on solutions that include automated data sync and human-state modelling.

Read the Empathic Mobility Playbook

Opportunities when our transport knows how we feel.

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