Automate Human Understanding

Real-time, unified data modelling for emotion, body and behaviour, wherever your users go.


Human Data

Combine all the data from your choice of sensors in one place, for automatic syncing & cleansing.


Human Insights

Derive emotion, behaviour & physiology insights with unparalleled human data modelling.


Human Interactions

Generate empathic feedback from your products & services in response to changing user states.

User Outcomes

Empathy is the key to better human-machine interaction

Mobility ad smart cities

Mobility & Smart Cities

Monitor user emotions & states for safety, comfort and entertainment features.

  • Driver & passenger monitoring for vital metrics, including: fatigue, stress/anxiety, intoxication, distraction/focus.
  • Custom machine responses including: driver-vehicle handover, environmental & comfort settings, and media system integration.

Hardware &

Optimise engagement in real time based on user emotion & behaviour.

  • Affective computing & empathic human-machine interaction.
  • Humanise media & interaction with data visualisation and emotional response.
Wellbeing & Experiences

Wellbeing &

Maximise health, enjoyment and performance by connecting users to emotional & physiological insights.

  • Enhance experiential campaigns & events with emotional feedback.
  • Target mental & physical outcomes for improved health & wellbeing.

Breaking new scientific ground with our academic partners, built on 20 years of leadership in the psychology of emotion.